How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting An Australian Partner Visa

18 August 2020
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More often than not, people with Australian spouses or defacto partners would want to visit Australia. The Australian partner visa is a temporary permit that allows you to visit the country and spend time with your loved one. People with this visa can study and work in Australia as long as their visa is valid. You are free to apply for a permanent partner visa once your temporary permit is approved.

Read this excerpt to learn how you can improve your chances of getting a partner visa

Meet The Minimum Requirements

Similar to other visa applications, you must meet the health and character requirements set by the immigration department. Typically, you should not be accused of sexual crimes. Besides, you should not be affiliated to criminal or terrorist networks. Applicants will need a health certificate to prove that they do not have infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, COVID-19, or Ebola.

Prove Your Relationship

Proving your relationship is the most critical aspect of your partner visa application. Applicants must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You must be willing to live together once you receive the partner visa. People in de facto relationships must prove that the relationship existed one year before their visa application. When applying for this visa, the immigration department will want a brief history of your relationship. Besides, they will also want to know your expectations or relationship goals.  

Sponsor Requirements

Your spouse or de facto partner must meet the sponsor requirements. For instance, he or she should not have sponsored another partner within the last five years. Besides, the sponsor must provide a police check and disclose his or her criminal record. People convicted of violence, illegal possession of firearms, harassment, human trafficking and sexual assault must prove that they are reformed. More often than not, the immigration department will inform you of your sponsor's criminal record. It helps you make an informed decision.

Follow Up And Interview 

Your case officer will regularly contact you to seek clarifications and additional information regarding your relationship or personal details. These questions can be confusing at times. As such, you should seek the assistance of your immigration lawyer when giving this feedback. The case officer could also request for a phone interview. The information you give should be consistent with what you provided when applying for the partner visa. 

People applying for the Australian partner visa should meet the minimum eligibility criteria, prove that they are in a genuine relationship, ensure their partner meets the sponsor requirements, and prepare for follow up and interviews.