Could You Use a Building Surveyor?

6 May 2021
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Have you thought about hiring a building surveyor? Often the only time people think about calling a building surveyor is when they are buying a new property and want to be assured that there aren't any significant problems with the property. It's true that examining a property and the land where it is situated is a common task for a building surveyor, but there is much more a building surveyor can do for you. Maybe, you moved into your home many years ago, and a fault has only just become apparent? Alternatively, maybe, you don't even own your own home yet, a building surveyor could still help you.

Do you rent your home?

While you might think that working with a building surveyor is only for homeowners, that's not the case. A building surveyor can be employed on behalf of both tenants and property owners to log building faults and prepare a list of needed work. By bringing in a third party, both of you can be confident that the list is impartial, and represents a factual list of actual faults.

Are there works to be completed by contractors?

If you have contractors working on your home or business premises, you will often find that it is helpful to have a consultant building surveyor employed on the job. The building surveyor will not be carrying out the building work, but will instead be overseeing all of the work to ensure that all of the work is according to the set specifications. This role can be crucial when maintenance work is done on large commercial properties or even listed building of historical value.

Are you working on your property?

Sometimes, you will want to organize building work on your home. Maybe, you are having a home extension built, or perhaps, you are building an entirely new property. Building a home, or modifying your existing home, can be great, but you may not have the experience needed to answer some of the technical questions or to know whether your builders are providing the right solutions for any problems they encounter. By bringing in a building surveyor, you can have complete confidence that your building project will run smoothly. The building surveyor will provide a vital link between you and the builders. They will know whether the work meets the correct standard and whether it conforms to all the legal standards and appropriate regulations.