What Do You Learn When a Tariff Consultant Unbundles Your Tariffs?

15 August 2016
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If you run an energy company and you have to include tariffs when you bill your clients, you may want to work with a tariffs consultant. They can help you determine how tariffs are affecting your cash flow, and they can help you better track tariffs for your records. Of the long list of services tariff consultants can provide, unbundled is just one, but it's important. Unbundling helps you understand the portion of the tariff related to ancillary services, stranded costs and true ups. Read More 

3 Common Mistakes Made by Immigrants When Using Migration Agents

3 August 2016
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People from all over the world migrate to Australia for many reasons, most prominently to seek education and work opportunities. To do this, each immigrant must apply for and receive a visa from the Australian government, which allows them to move into the country for the allotted period of time. There are many requirements to be fulfilled in order to qualify, which is why many applicants turn to migration agents. These are people who are versed with Migration laws and requirements for different categories of immigrants and can help with your application. Read More